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FriiCards give you

  • Up to 50% discount in everyday places
  • Auto redemption - straight to your mobile phone
  • Pounds not points - no complex calculations
  • Peace of mind - no need to give all your personal data*
  • Combined savings across more of your spending


Look for this sign

Find this sticker at FriiOutlets

Pick up a FriiCard at stalls and Participating outlets.

Swipe your FriiCard and claim your right to Frii discounts.

Use your FriiCard wherever you see this sign.

Use Frii discounts to pay for:


£25 donations to help give clean water and save lives.



£25 vouchers towards any experience - straight to your phone.



 Free credit towards Flights, Hotels & Package Holidays or even a Cruise!



£10 mobile top up vouchers straight to your phone


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