What makes Frii Different?

  • Like many reward cards, FriiCards use familiar 'Swipe when you spend' technology.

  • Unlike most reward cards, FriiCards collect your discounts in pounds, not confusing points.

  • Unlike many discount cards, FriiCards are completely FREE!

  • FriiCards work by banking your discounts to pay for a specific benefit that you want, then delivering your chosen reward automatically when you have saved enough.

  • You Don't need a Credit Card or a Bank account, you don't even need to share your name or address unless you want a holiday or we need to post you your reward.

  • Frii will try their best to get you a great deal on your rewards too, so if we can get it cheaper, you can redeem sooner.

  • You can use your discounts to pay for Holidays, Music, Mobile topup, Experience Days & even Giving to Charity. More options will become available over time.

  • Like any place you spend, different FriiOutlets offer different discounts.

  • The absolute minimum you will get when swiping a FriiCard is 5% and you could get as much as 50% or more! (so you could redeem a £10 mobile Topup by spending as little as £21!)

  • To find out how much the loyalty card in your pocket is giving you, click on the image below to use the Rewards Checker from Moneysavingexpert.

Link to Rewardschecker from MoneysavingexpertDisclaimer: The Views, opinions and services provided through moneysaving expert.com are in no way related to Frii-World Ltd. Any images or links provided are solely for the interest of the reader and belong to moneysavingexpert.com. Frii-World Ltd. do not take responsibility for this link or the resulting content as it may change outside of our control.

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