Frii will text you your Chosen Frii Card Benefit Automatically!








How it works:

  • Auto Redemptions make claiming your reward easy. You don’t have to ask to receive what you are saving for; we want you to have it.

  • Frii will collect and bank your discounts towards your next FriiCard reward. When you have saved enough, we will automatically text your redemption the next time you swipe.

  • You can view your balance and transactions by logging in to your account. There are a range of reward products to choose from, some that you can save for quickly and others that take more swiping..  

Delivery of your Redemption:

Most Frii redemptions will be delivered to you via text message. 50p will be taken from your Frii balance to cover the cost of administration and sending you your redemption. Delivery of some rewards may incur a higher handling charge, for example to cover postage.

Don’t worry, Frii will not seek to make outrageous profit on postage fees. We just need to make sure you continue to get great quality of service.

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