Who is FriiWorld?.

Built by consumer for consumers... The FriiWorld has been created by a group of people with 26 years experience in helping retailers group their purchasing to get the best deal on their goods.

Our Story

Frii began with the recognition that we are now at a time where consumers can demonstrate their collective spending power and form a buying group of their own through which they can receive better value and services from the places they spend.

Disheartened by the limited benefits of the various reward and discount schemes available to us, the Team at Frii utilised their experience in business and understanding of new technology to develop a new way for consumers to claim their buying power and use the money they save to help offset real expenses that put pressure on our finances every day.

The result is a new standard in consumer benefits - Frii.

The makers of Frii are first and foremost consumers who are passionate about making our spending efficient, by negotiating the best deals when spending as well as redeeming, and helping retailers understand how they can meet our needs better through improved goods and services.

All consumers have to do is swipe, and the more we do, the more our Friiworld can offer.

So pick up a FriiCard and join us, together our World can be Frii.

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