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 Just a Drop


Just a Drop is a registered charity that raises money to build wells, install boreholes and  hand pumps, and carry out sanitation and health education programmes in some of the poorest parts of the developing world.

"Our mission is to reduce child mortality by delivering accessible clean, safe water where it is needed most.
Rather than taking a global perspective on the issue, we look at the local picture to establish how we can achieve maximum impact at ground level.

This means working directly with other charities, local partners and communities."

Just a Drop is independent, non-campaigning and hands-on.To date they have helped over 1 million children and their families in 29 countries.

Frii is working with Just a drop to increase these numbers so that noone goes without safe and clean water. Simply by swiping a Frii card.

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 When you wish upon a Star


When you wish upon a Star - Dream making for sick children is a UK registered Charity that aims to grant the 'Wishes' of children suffering from life threatening illnesses, from the age of 2 to 16.

"If you could see these children, you would be touched by their courage and some with the prospect of many months, sometimes years of very painful treatment. We aim to bring a sparkle into their lives no matter how big or small."

Their gallery page shows a few of the 'Wishes' they have fulfilled for these very special children with the help of people's donations, and how this has brought a smile to what can sometimes be a very traumatic time, not only for the child concerned but also for the families.

Frii is working with When you wish upon a Star to bring a smile to as many of these brave children as possible. Simply by swiping a Frii card.

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 The Wonder Foundation

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The Wonder Foundation is a UK registered Charity that aims to empower vulnerable communities worldwide through education.

"We partner with local projects around the world that primarily support women and girls, acting as a stimulus to end poverty and improve wellbeing across families and communities.

In practice, this means helping school children, health workers and others in need to get the training and skills required to lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty for good.

Our projects often focus is on women and children, but we offer assistance to anyone regardless of race, or religion. "

Read their blog for examples of their projects and the difference they are making in the UK and around the world.

Frii is working with The Wonder Foundation to enable brighter futures for even more people living in poverty wherever they are. Simply by swiping a Frii card.

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Virgin Experience Days


Virgin Experience Days offer a range of experiences with many different themes offering fantastic choice and great value.

Whether you’re buying for a loved one, friend, colleague, customer or just spoiling yourself, a Virgin Experience Day makes the perfect gift.

So perfect in fact, that 'When you wish upon a star' (one of our FriiGiving Charities) is using Virgin Experience Days to fulfill the wishes of sick & terminally ill children.

Frii is working with Virgin Experience Days to give everyone access to their dream Experience.Simply by swiping a Frii card.

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