Collet cash value discounts to pay for your chosen reward

With Frii, each time you spend, merchants can say thank you by contributing part of your spend towards a reward that you have chosen. When you have enough, Frii will send you your reward completely Free. Collecting cash contributions towards your rewards could not be any easier, simply swipe your loyalty card at participating retailers or enter your card number on participating websites.

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Loyalty Reinvented

Loyalty should be about the customer and let's face it, after 10 cups of coffee and sharing your life history, that free cup is only rewarding the merchant. Today’s consumer deserves more, especially at time when spending often means sacrificing. We all know that businesses need information about our spending in order to improve service and ultimately win our trade. Frii is designed to leverage our spending power to get better value discounts and more reward choice whilst limiting the data you are sharing.

Get the most out of Frii

Why Pay?When it's on the house..

Whether it’s something we want or need, we all have things that we would rather not pay for. By saving your discounts from everyday places, you can use Frii to help eliminate the cost of that awesome experience day, crypto investment, or just-eat takeaway you have been craving.

  • Real cash not pointless points
  • Up-to 50% discount in everyday places
  • Earn loyalty without sacrificing personal data
  • Combine your saving across multiple sectors
  • Redeem automatically again and again

Ready to be Frii? Choose your reward

Frii covers a wide range of rewards to choose from, which includes Music, Mobile, Gaming, Experience days and Prepaid cards including big names like Itunes, Vodaphone, XBox, Virgin and Amazon.