At Frii we are always here to help, below we have provided the most frequently asked questions from our customers. If you have a question that is not covered, feel free to contact us using the form available on the Help & Contact tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes you can, Simply register the additional card to your existing account.

A. Each card will have its own reward balance so you can choose which card you want to swipe most or use for those big spends.

A. Unfortunately, duplicate cards are not available at this point.

A. You must register a mobile number with us to receive your reward. If you registered by text then we will already have this.

Your chosen benefit will be sent to you by text or post. When you qualify to redeem your chosen benefit, we will text instructions to your mobile.

A. Frii Outlets will allow a minimum 2% of your spend to contribute towards your Frii Wish, some may offer as much as 50% or even more.

A. You can use our Frii Outlet Locator to find out what discounts they are currently offering or ask in store. We will also text you the exact amount you have banked after every swipe.

A. You can change you registered number through the website. Remember, this may be our only way to link you to your Frii Card.

A. You must notify us if you change or lose your registered number as soon as possible. (You can register an email address online for more security).

A. It can take up to 14 days to collect your Frii Credit from the merchant and bank it for you. You can check your available balance by logging in on the website.

A. Most Frii Benefits are transferrable but some need to be issued in a specific name. Check the Choosing your Frii Card page for details.

A. We do not charge you when you send us texts, however your network operator will charge you according to your tariff. The Frii Text number is a standard UK mobile number so this may be included in any cross-network texts bundles you have.

A. Short SMS numbers are sometimes more expensive to text to, may not work on some networks, and cost us more to provide. We would rather save these costs so that you get as much for your money as possible. You can save the number to your phone if you ever need to text us.

If you have any other questions, please submit a query to the customer support helpdesk and someone will get in touch with you. Many thanks The Frii Team.