Redeem rewards that you actually want, effortlessly

At Frii we believe that consumers should be free to choose how they are rewarded. In fact we are committed to building a platform that in time, will alow you to make anything free! Combining this with our automated reward system means not only do you get what you want, but you get it without even having to ask.

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Make your loyalty pay

Make a wish,and then make it come true!

Frii gives you the power to define the rewards that you want for spending your hard earned money, and then target your spending at merchants who will help fulfill your wishes. What’s more your single Frii loyalty card can be accepted across a variety of businesses, instore and online. No more carrying and managing a card for every shop you visit.

  • Pre chosen rewards
  • 100's of rewards to choose from
  • Auto redemption
  • Available In-Store and Online

Ready to be Frii? Choose your reward

With Frii choosing a reward has never been so easy. Simply pick the product from the list below, that you would like to make Free, simply text the product code to us on 07800000401.

Eating Out
Film & TV
Tickets & Events

Choose your reward


National Lottery Tickets & Events

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To redeem £10Redeem
To redeem £20Redeem

Virgin Mobile Mobile

Virgin Mobile is a wireless communications brand used by seven independent brand-licensees worldwide. Virgin Mobile branded wireless communications services are available in Colombia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Chile, Russia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Poland, South Africa, and Mexico

To redeem £10Text 1011
To redeem £20Text 1012
To redeem £23Text 1013

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