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Last Updated : 1st March 2021

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Frii‐World Ltd. specifies, the information, data, offers and other materials on this website are directed solely at participating merchant’s customers who access this website from the United Kingdom. Under these circumstances the Customers are governed by the laws of United Kingdom and Wales and all parties submit to the non‐exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. Customers who choose to access this site from other locations are responsible for local laws if and to the extent local laws are applicable.

The Frii Card is operated by Frii‐World Ltd. registered address at Unit 3 Redwing Court Business Centre, Ashton Road, Romford, Essex, RM3 8QQ.

Anyone who registers their details can join, providing over the age of eighteen, anybody under the age of eighteen will need to provide the details of their parental/guardian as well.

When the Customers registers its details, they automatically become bound by the Terms and Conditions as such described, which allow them to participate by purchasing their chosen redemption product, using the discount provided by participating merchants. These Terms and Conditions, in conjunction with any other information or rules posted on the website, are applicable across the entire Frii platform and any participation is considered as acceptance.

Under the Data Protection Act which Frii‐World Ltd. is in the process of being registered for, Frii‐ World Ltd. will never give personal details to anyone outside Frii World or associated/partner Companies without the Customers consent. Frii‐ World Ltd. may however share anonymous details of the Customers shopping habits with those shops they have purchased from but, yet Frii‐World Ltd. will not share the Customers personal details.

Frii‐World Ltd. will analyze the Customers purchase history to provide them with relevant and personalized offers, in the form of feedback and advice, in helping them choose products that are right for them, or products that they desire.

By participating as a Customer, Frii‐World Ltd. will collect valuable data about the Principal Customer and any additional/secondary Customers within the Frii Account. This information includes the Customers registration details, information about the use of their Frii Cards, their choice of Frii Cards and any other relevant information.

All Frii Cards which are being implemented and used and any subsequent schemes to be introduced always belong wholly to Frii‐World Ltd.

Frii‐World Ltd. may, at any time, without negotiation terminate the schemes or alter or amend the conditions of operation of the schemes.

The Frii Cards, once registered do become the responsibility of the Customer, as do any security details relating to the Frii Account. Frii‐World Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any loss/ or damage arising from the customer failing to ensure the safe‐keeping of these items. Frii‐World Ltd is also not responsible to replace any lost/or damaged cards and can do so at their discretion.

The Frii Card is personal to the Customer. The Customer can register for as many cards as they choose to, to take advantage of all the benefits and choices offered by Frii ‐World Ltd on behalf of the participating merchants.

All Frii Cards, in whatever form, are not transferable, and cannot be copied and can only be used by the customer who is registered for the Frii Card, unless a minor is using a card authorised for them by their parent/ guardian. Please note Frii‐ World Ltd. has the right to refuse the registration of any minor, even if relevant details are given about their parent/guardian, without providing justification to the principal Customer.

The Frii World Account, which is exclusive for each Customer cannot be transferred, bought, sold or in any way traded.

Frii‐World Ltd participating merchants are under no obligation to award any discount for any reason outside of qualifying transactions.

Frii‐World Ltd. reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions. Frii‐World Ltd will always give notice of major changes, and will display such changes on their website.

Frii‐World Ltd. can cancel or withdraw at any time at their discretion, and /or remove a Customer at any time where there is reasonable belief that:

– any abuse or attempted abuse of the frii topup offers has taken place;

– any breach or attempted breach of these Terms and Conditions and / or those relating to the optional elements has taken place;

– any behaviour which Frii‐World Ltd would deem inappropriate, which involves theft, misconduct, abusive or offensive behaviour, or supplying false or misleading information has taken place;

– If Frii ‐World Ltd. have reasonable belief that the frii mechanism is being abused, including withholding or reusing discount previously credited to  your account.

Customers may be entitled to inherit the discount value of a family member who has died by providing a written request informing us of the customer’s details of the deceased, at Frii-World Ltd.’s discretion.

Frii‐World Ltd. can close any Frii Card Account on which there has been no usage for a continuous period of at least six months. Before Frii ‐World Ltd take such action they will, contact the Customer, that they have not used their card for such period, and failure to do so within a six month timeframe, could mean the discount accrued is waived by the Customer. Every reasonable attempt will be made by Frii ‐ World Ltd. to get the Customer to sustain their outstanding balance.

A Customer can close his/her Frii Card Account at any time by notifying Frii‐World Ltd. If a Frii Card Account is closed all rights from the Frii  account for that particular Frii Card Account are lost.

Customers must register their personal details and keep Frii ‐World Ltd. informed of any changes. Frii ‐World Ltd. cannot and will not be held responsible for any loss of Frii reward incurred as a result of out of date details. New accounts that are not registered within 6 months of first being used and accounts with out of date details that have not been updated for 6 months will be removed and any Frii Topup accrued will be forfeited.

Customers are free to re‐join whenever they wish too, but will need to re‐apply as a new applicant.

The Principal Customer is also responsible for any Frii Topup accrued by Additional/Secondary Customers and, in particular, allowing anyone under the age of eighteen to register their details as parent/guardian, which allow this young Customer to join the Frii–World Ltd., and secondly to redeem against any one of the current and future cards available. Frii‐World Ltd are not liable for giving Frii rewards to anybody under the age of eighteen who has falsified the details of their parent/guardian. However, if Frii‐World Ltd at a later date acknowledges this has taken place, they have discretion to terminate the Frii Card and Frii Account, and keep any outstanding Frii reward balance accrued.

If a Principal Customer wants to change the Additional /Secondary Collectors (including minor Customers) on his/her Frii Account this must be notified to us. An Additional/Secondary Customer cannot make such changes to a Frii Account.

Frii Cards will always remain the property of Frii‐World Ltd. and must be returned to them on request or destroyed when no longer valid for use. The Customer is responsible for the security of all their Frii Cards issued on his/her Frii World Account. If a Frii Card is lost or the holder thinks an unauthorised person has become aware of any security code, password or account number, they should contact the Frii World Customer Service Centre immediately. Frii‐World Ltd. is not responsible for any unauthorised use of the Frii Card or any lost or stolen Frii Card.

Frii‐World Ltd. reserves the right to refuse, merge or close additional cards at any time.

Frii Topup is only for personal and Customer use; it cannot be used for any business transaction or purpose.

Customers are entitled to only one Frii World Account, however that one account have cover as many cards as they so wish.

Frii‐World Ltd. is not responsible for products and services from third party suppliers. These are offered according to that supplier’s Terms and Conditions.

The Customer will receive discount up on purchases at qualifying Merchants. The rate of discount received will vary from Merchant to Merchant. When the Customer presents their Frii Card in the Merchants store, they will receive not only the goods and services they have chosen, but will also PURCHASE from the participating merchant their chosen Frii Topup using the discount. However, there may be specific occasions when topup values are added at later date at Frii‐World Ltd. discretion.

Participating merchants customers are required to present their Frii Card at the checkout/or till in order to collect their discount and purchase the chosen topup after paying for their purchases items/or services. Customers who forget to do this may not accrue the discount value at a later date.

Customers will be required to quote their Frii card number on purchases made through any catalogue, phone, partner or online transaction, as and when this additional service is provided by Frii‐World Ltd.

For the Customer to purchase Frii Topup using discount provided, the Customer must spend above a certain amount in qualifying Merchant stores in a single transaction. The minimum amount has been set at £5.00; however this can vary from time to time at the merchant’s discretion. In addition the amount of discount awarded may change and will vary depending on the products/services bought, as well as where they were brought from, as each individual Merchant has negotiated their own discount rate they are able prepared to provide. (All this information will be displayed on the website).Frii ‐World Ltd cannot and will not offer cash as a substitute for Frii Topup.

In the initial launch phrase, the merchants have set a limit on the maximum amount of Frii topup value a Customer can purchased in any one transaction. This amount is currently set at £1,000, unless otherwise confirm in writing on the website. Merchants are at liberty to change/alter this figure as they feel necessary to do so.

Frii‐World Ltd merchants may set a limit on the number of times frii topup may be awarded for promotional items on which additional value are available. Individual promotions may have different limits as communicated in their purchase conditions. Any participation in promotional offers above and beyond what could objectively be considered Customer behaviour or personal use may be considered as abuse.

Frii Topup purchased at the time of the transaction already issued to a Customer may be removed/cancelled or terminated if Frii‐ World Ltd. determines that the frii topup was collected in breach of these Terms and Conditions or were awarded in error.

The Frii topup purchased has no monetary value whatsoever outside the scope of Frii‐World Ltd.

Frii‐World Ltd participating merchants are under no obligation to give a discount for any reason outside of qualifying transactions.

The Customer can make a part payment of the Frii topup product chosen. The customer must purchase the full amount of topup needed for the product/ or service chosen.

Frii‐World Ltd reserves the right to deduct the Frii topup value from the customer’s account in the case of transactions which are not successfully completed including merchants failing to pay Frii‐World Ltd, Frii Topup purchased. Frii‐World Ltd are also entitled to remove Frii topup purchased using discounts given if products or services are returned for any reason and a full or partial refund of the purchase price is given.

If the participating merchant’s customer buys a product or service and then use Frii Card, and that particular product or service is faulty, it should be returned within 14days and notify Frii‐World Ltd.

When the Customer purchases their chosen Frii topup they are in an agreement with the supplier of that particular topup and will be subject to their Terms and Conditions. Frii‐ World Ltd will make arrangements for the topup process to take effect and this is subject to those third party Terms and Conditions.

The Customers are able to activate the Frii topup products and services they have purchased using the discount provided by participating merchants, approximately 14 days after the Frii World swipe card transaction.

Frii‐World Ltd. has undertaken to set up a Frii World Account to record total amount of Frii topup purchased by each Customer. A Principal Customer can allow other people (“Additional/Secondary Customers”) to have rights (subject to all of the provisions of these terms) to collect and use his/her Frii World Account but the Principal Customer will be responsible for the actions of such Additional/Secondary Customers, including any minor Customers, which the Principal Customer has allowed to use his/her Frii World Account. Principal Customers must be over 18.

Once the Customer has purchased a particular Frii topup product, they cannot be exchanged back into discount value.

Frii ‐World Ltd. has developed a strategy, in order to provide maximum products/services of choice to the participating merchants Customers. In doing so, Frii –World Ltd. has devised several topup products for which will  be purchased using the discounts received from participating merchants and will be referred to as Frii topup. Participating merchants together with Frii‐World Ltd have the discretion of increasing and decreasing the number of Frii topup products available at any one time. If any products or services are included or withdrawn reasonable notice will be provided on the Frii Website.

The Frii Topup refers to any;

– Frii Music.

Participating merchant’s customers must register the Frii Music Card to fully activate it features. Once the card has been activated customers can go to the tills to purchase

products or services in the normal way. At point of payment when presenting the Frii topup card the relevant merchant will swipe the presented card and will automatically give the customer a pre‐determined discount based upon a percentage of gross value of the products and services purchased already agreed. On receiving this discount the participating merchants customer automatically agrees to use the discount provided to purchase Frii Music topup with the full value of discount received. Once the customer has purchased a minimum of

£15.00 using the discount provided from participating retailers he/she will receive an automatic text/ or email with the relevant I Tunes top up Pin Number. Pin numbers will be automatically provided once a Frii card has  been swiped after the minimum level £15.00 has been purchased. (Frii ‐World Ltd. reserve the right to charge participating merchants customers any administrative costs related to delivering the purchased topup.)

For guidance on how to download and play music using i Tunes, please see the step by step guide on the Frii ‐World Ltd. Website. Once a Customer begins to download a music track, the download cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged. Track credits or downloaded music tracks cannot be exchanged and discount value cannot be refunded once they have been issued.

Frii ‐World Ltd. reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions or to change or withdraw partner products from time to time.

The Customer acknowledges that the downloaded music track may include content that you may consider offensive, indecent, or otherwise objectionable, and which may or may not be identified as having explicit language. By participating in the downloading, Frii ‐World Ltd. is not responsible or liable to you, or any other person, for any content that you or they find objectionable, even if it does not have a warning.

The music tracks are made available to the Customer for their lawful, personal, non‐ commercial use for entertainment purposes only and strictly in accordance with all applicable laws. The Customer will not use the downloaded music track for any reason or purpose that infringes the rights (including without limitation personal information privacy, personality and intellectual property rights) of any other person.

– Frii Mobile.

The participating merchant’s customer needs to register their Frii Mobile Card, to activate its features.

The process is identical as above. The minimum automated delivery mechanism for Frii Mobile has been set at £10.00. Once the Customer, exceeds this amount and swipe their card, they will automatically receive a text/or email informing them how they can activate their Mobile Top Up they have purchased. (Frii ‐ World Ltd. reserve the right to charge participating merchants customers any administrative costs related to delivering the purchased topup.)

The Customer will be required to confirm the Mobile Network; they are currently using and their Mobile Number. All the major Mobile Networks are available on this scheme.

For guidance on how to top Up Mobile credit, please see the step by step guide on the Frii ‐ World Ltd. Website.

– Frii Giving.

The participating merchant’s customer needs to register their Frii Mobile Card, to activate its features.

The process is identical as above. The minimum automated delivery mechanism for Frii Giving has been set at £20.00. Once the Customer, exceeds this amount and swipes their card, they will automatically receive a text/or email informing them that their donation has been made. The process is identical as above.

The Customer has a choice of several Charities to which they can make a donation too. Frii ‐ World Ltd aim to have Charities which will appeal to all their Customers. Charities might have Terms and Conditions, which will need to be adhered to.

Frii ‐World Ltd. does not make any profit from, all the redemption value is passed to the selected Charity. (Frii‐World Ltd. reserve the right to charge participating merchants customers any administrative costs related to delivering the purchased reward.)

– Frii Experience.

The participating merchant’s customer needs to register their Frii Experience Card, to activate its features.

The process is identical as above. The minimum automated delivery mechanism for Frii Experience has been set at £25.00. Once the Customer, exceeds this amount and swipe their card, they will automatically receive a text/or email informing them how they can activate their Experience Day product they have purchased. (Frii ‐World Ltd. reserve the right to charge participating merchants customers any administrative costs related to delivering the purchased topup.)

This Experience is provided by Virgin Experience Days. In total it includes 850 available experiences. Once the Customer has selected the experience they wish to receive, and have the necessary amount of redemption value, they are required to follow the simple step by step instructions on the Frii Website to fulfil this request.

Please note, Virgin Experience have Terms and Conditions, which need to be adhered too.

– Frii Holiday

This Frii topup product is in the process of being set up, and will follow shortly. Frii‐World Ltd. has set no minimum spending threshold for this product, as Frii World’s aim is to deliver the participating merchant’s customer’s holiday to them as soon as possible. This will only be redeemable by the Customer once they have contacted Frii‐World Ltd via the Website.

Statements will be provides to all Customers via email/ or on their Frii Account, as to the amount of top up purchased or a combined amount of the total products purchased.

Customer information may be analysed to see how they use the Frii Card, and particular schemes to understand Customer shopping behaviour and to send the Customer (and/or additional Customers on your account) information and offers for the products or services which are most likely to interest them.

As a Customer who has registered with a Frii Card, they have agreed to receive these communications in order to enjoy the benefits of participating in Frii‐ World Ltd.

The Frii‐World Ltd. Cookie policy helps them to identify whether you have visited their site before and helps them personalise and customise their services to their Customers. It also explains how the Customer can opt out of this particular service

Frii‐World Ltd. cannot guarantee accurate operation of the Cookie policy.

A cookie is a piece of information which a website transfers to the cookie file of the browser on your computer. The browser saves the information and sends it back to the website server whenever the browser returns to the website.

A cookie will typically contain the name of the domain (internet location) from which the cookie has come, the “lifetime” of the cookie (i.e. when does it expire), and a value, usually a randomly generated unique number.

Two types of cookies are will be on this website:

– Session cookies which are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your browser until you leave the site.

– Persistent cookies which remain in the cookie file of your browser for much longer (though how long will depend on the lifetime of the specific cookie).

Cookies can help websites to arrange content to match the Customers preferred interests more quickly and are used by many major websites.

Frii ‐World Ltd. will use session cookies:

– To allow the Customer to carry information across pages of the Frii World site and avoid having to re‐enter information.

– To compile statistics that allow Frii World to understand how Customers use their site and to help them improve the structure of their website. It will also assist in there development of the site to be more Customer friendly and focused.

Frii World will use persistent cookies:

– To display the Customers name and redemption balance each time the Customer access the Frii World Website (using the “Remember me” cookie).

– They may use other persistent cookies from time to time to help them recognise the Customer as a unique visitor when you return to our website and to monitor their use of our website. This will allow Frii World to tailor the content of certain areas of the Frii World Website and offer you promotions that match their preferred interests.

Please note that the use of any information Frii‐World Ltd. generates and gathers through the use of session cookies and persistent cookies shall be subject to the Frii‐World Ltd. Privacy Policy.

The Customer can turn off the “Remember me” persistent cookie at any time by visiting the “Your Account” section and selecting “Change data choices” and then un‐ticking the “Remember me” box.

Frii ‐World Ltd. is grateful in having the support of the following Companies/Business. (Please note this list will increase and will constantly be updated on the Website, if Frii ‐World Ltd. has omitted a Company/Business, this is only in error, and will be rectified as soon as possible.

Trading/Business Names. Verifone

Virgin Experience Days. I Tunes

Just A Drop

When You Wish Upon A Star

Mobile 02


Lyca Mobile

Nomi Mobile

Lebara Mobile Vizz


Orange Vodafone T

Participating merchants will display the Frii‐ World Ltd symbol in the window of the premises, which illustrates the Frii topup card can be used. Sectors include;


Food retailers and wholesalers Travel & Motoring

Home & Garden Leisure and Tourism

Health & Fitness Entertainment Hair &Beauty Retail


All topup products purchased from Frii ‐World Ltd, are subject to availability. Relevant Sponsor or Suppliers and Frii ‐World Ltd. have no responsibility for the delivery, standard, quality or otherwise of any goods and services received or supplied or the failure of a Supplier to honour any products or services or make a specific product available. These transactions are also subject to all applicable legal rules and the Terms and Conditions (including booking requirements, cancellation restrictions, return conditions, warranties and limitations of liability) of the Sponsor or Supplier.

If Frii‐World Ltd. makes any changes they will endeavour to give the Customer much notice as they reasonably can.

Frii‐World Ltd. may suspend or terminate Frii World Account and Card but will give as much notice as reasonably can before doing so. However, if this does happen all Frii World Accounts and Cards will be suspended or terminated for the same time period.

Frii ‐World Ltd. stipulates that these Terms and Conditions replace all previous versions, including any drafts versions as of March 2011 and shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England, and any disputes will be decided only by the English Courts. Frii ‐World Ltd. reserves the right to change these, at any time, on reasonable notice for legal, regulatory, business or policy reasons. Customers who continue to participate in the redemption scheme following such a change will be considered to have accepted the updated terms and conditions.

An Individual who is not a party to these terms and conditions shall have no right under the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of these terms and conditions, but this shall not affect any right or remedy of a third party which exists or is available apart from that Act.

Please note due to printing lean times, the terms and conditions in Merchant store may not reflect the most recent changes. These are the most up to date terms and conditions for Frii‐World Ltd.

Any Customer or potential Customer can contact Frii ‐World Ltd, by going to the Web‐ site. There will be the opportunity to give your feedback on Frii, on the Web‐site, which will be an extremely useful tool for Frii ‐World ltd. to enable them to deliver what is required of them.

We review our Terms and Conditions Statement regularly and may modify it from time to time. Terms and Conditions Statement was last updated on 1st March 2021.